Independent Review of Issues relating to Symphysiotomy by Judge Yvonne Murphy

On 26th November 2013, Judge Yvonne Murphy was appointed by the Minister for Health, Dr James Reilly T.D. to conduct a review with the aim or assisting in finding closure for women who have undergone a symphysiotomy procedure. This is a non statutory review.

The Terms of Reference for the reivew were:

  1. To examine all relevant reports and information relating to symhysiotomy.
  2.  To meet women who have undergone surgical symphysiotomy procedures to assess, what in their opinion would bring closure for them.
  3.  To assess, in conjunction with the State Claims Agency (SCA) and other relevant bodies, the relative liabilities of insures, indemnifiers, and/or other parties in relation to cases pending, or which may arise linked to surgical symphysiotomy procedures.
  4.  To meet insures, indemnifiers and/or other parties in relation to such liabilities and to explore and negotiate a quantum representing a fair contribution towards the fund which will form part of an ex-gratia scheme to which Government would also contribute in order to establish an ex-gratia schem to put closure on the issue for the women involved.
  5.  To assess the merits and costs to the State of proceeding with an ex-gratia scheme relative to allowing the court process to proceed.
  6. To report to the Minister within a period of 8 working weeks on the outcome of these deliberations with recommendations on the next steps.

Download the review here

Certain sections of the Report have been redacted or legal and commercial reasons.