Report on the Review of Drugs Task Forces and The National Structures under which they operate

Local Drugs Task Forces were established following the report of the Ministerial Task Force on Measures to Reduce the Demand for Drugs (1996). There are 14 Local Drugs Task Forces, 12 in Dublin, 1 in Cork and 1 in Bray. There are also 10 Regional Drugs Task Forces. Task Forces include representatives from statutory agencies, the voluntary sector, local communities and public representatives.


While recognising the need for structures to promote community support and interagency working at the local and regional level, the Government identified a need to assess the impact of Drugs Task Forces in order to ensure that they would continue to remain relevant, effective and fit for purpose.
The terms of reference of the review were to:

  • review the role and composition of Drugs Task Forces and the national structures under which they operate;
  • streamline the funding arrangements for drugs projects supported by Drugs  Task Forces, and where appropriate, transferring responsibility for funding to relevant statutory agencies;
  • overhaul the accountability and reporting arrangements for the drugs projects which continue to be supported by Drugs Task Forces.

Download the report here.