Developing Childcare in Ireland – A Review of Progress on the Implementation of the Equal Opportunities Childcare Programme 2000 – 2006


The Equal Opportunities Childcare Programme 2000 – 2006 has provided us with the funding needed to begin to develop a much enhanced childcare service to help the parents of Ireland to make provision for the care of their children while they themselves are at work or are undergoing training or education which will, over time enable them to join the labour market.
We have reached the half way stage in the implementation of the Programme and its performance to date has been commented upon very positively. The Programme has reached out to and is making its mark in every County in Ireland and I am fully convinced that it will stand as one of the great success stories of the National Development Plan 2000 – 2006.

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Yearly Appendix Documents (updates the grants awarded to childcare providers and associated organisations


Appendix B: 2003 Southern & Eastern Region

Appendix B: 2003 Border Mid-Western Region


Update to Appendix C, 2004

2004 Southern & Eastern Region

2004 Border Mid-Western Region


Update to Appendix C, 2005

2005 Southern & Eastern Region

2005 Border Mid-Western Region