Department of Health Consolidated Salary Scales December 2004


1 For the 1st worksheet, the pay-scales for grades read across.
The current rate (1/12/04), the 2% Sustaining Progress and one historical rate are shown for the 1st worksheet.
2 The grades within each section are displayed in the same order as in previous Pay Scales.
The “01 Dec 2004” worksheet shows the pay rates for all grades except consultants.
The “Consultants” worksheet shows all consultants rates.
The “allowances” worksheet shows all allowances.
3 LSIs (Long Service Increments) are represented by emboldened figures.
In all cases, the 1st LSI will be paid after 3 years on the max, the 2nd LSI after 3 years on LSI1,
and the 3rd LSI after 3 years on the 2nd LSI.

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