Department of Health and Children Consolidated Salary Scales – Clause 2.31 of the Haddington Road Agreement

Consolidated Salary Scales in accordance with Clause 2.31 of the Haddington Road Agreement

Towards Care Management: Conference ProceedingsThese scales must be read in conjunction with Department of Health Circular 3/2014.

With reference to Clause 2.31 of the Haddington Road Agreement (HRA) which addresses the remuneration of new entrant grades who entered the Public Service on or after 1 January 2011 and were subject to Department of Health Circular 2/2011 dated 24 March 2011.   New entrants to health sector recruitment grades, who were subject to the 2011 reduced pay rates will be assimilated to the revised/merged incremental payscale as and from 1 November 2013.  Download the  document here


Pay Scales for health sector employees returning from abroad

Appointment to the appropriate point of the merged scale is based on verified post-registration service.  For the purpose of granting incremental credit, if the service is accrued pre 1st January 2011 the appropriate point is calculated from an advanced starting point of Pt 3 plus the service.  This is also applicable where post-registration experience has been accrued pre 1st January 2011 in the public service in any other EU member state.