Chronology of Events in relation to Organ Retention Inquiry

  • Mid 1999 Investigation into cardiac surgery practice on children at Bristol Royal Infirmary.
  • Dec 1999 Inquiry into organ retention in Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in Liverpool.
  • May 1999: Contact from Our Lady’s Hosptial Crumlin re pathology and post mortem practice
  • Dec 1999 PFJ meetings with Minister
  • Apr 2000: Government Decision setting up Inquiry.
  • Apr 2000: Ms Anne Dunne appointed Chairman.
  • Feb 2001: Public Notice published, setting out terms of reference of Inquiry and inviting submissions.
  • Mar 2001: Terms of Reference and Interpretation Published. Contact invited. “Six months N/A. Now 18 months”
  • Jun 2001: Department commenced Discovery.
  • Aug 2001: Memorandum on procedures received in Department.
  • Sept 2002: 18 months time-frame had expired. Minister requested a meeting with Ms Anne Dunne. This happened in early September – Minister requested a progress report.
  • 2 Oct 02 Ms Dunne’s progress report received by Minister – although substantial progress no definitive timeframe for completion of her work – a lot more work outstanding. Co-operation forthcoming from all parties
  • 16 Oct 2002: Minister’s meeting with Parents for Justice – he assured them of his commitment to resolve any difficulties, but they decided to withdraw from the Inquiry process
  • 2004: Minister calls on PFJ to co-operate. Chairman informs Minister that she has sufficient involvement of parents to conclude her report. Minister expects paediatric report by the end of the year