Call for Submissions: White Paper on Universal Health Insurance

white-paper-consultation-coverThe Department of Health has published a White Paper on Universal Health Insurance.  The White Paper sets out in detail the elements of the proposed Universal Health Insurance model for Ireland.  As such, it provides detail on the overall design of the model, the proposed system for deciding on the standard package of services and the financing mechanisms for the system.

This is a most fundamental reform of the health system and we recognise the importance of consulting extensively and inclusively with all interested parties.  It is important to seek your views on the policy as it is set out in the White Paper, and we view this as a valuable opportunity for citizens to contribute to the development of policy on the future of their health system.  Therefore, we would like to hear from any individual, group, organisation or other body that wishes to contribute to the consultation on the White Paper.

In particular, but not limited to, we would welcome your views on the following issues:

  • The proposed organisation and delivery of the new system;
  • The policy and operational aspects of the subsidy system;
  • Regulation of healthcare purchasers and providers;
  • The funding of the UHI model and the overall health system.

A consultation document setting out a number of key questions under each of the above headings has been developed and can be downloaded here. There is an opportunity at the end of the document for views or comments on other aspects of the White Paper to be provided.  Alternatively, additional views or comments can be sent as an email or hard copy to the addresses below.

It is intended to establish a separate independent Expert Commission to examine the issues around the basket of services to be provided under UHI and within the overall health system.  The Minister will announce details of the Commission in the near future. Therefore, it would be useful if the submissions on the White Paper refrained from commenting in detail on the services to be provided under UHI.  Views on the basket of services will be sought by the Commission when it commences its consultation process.

The White Paper can be downloaded here, and two further supporting documents Background Policy Paper on Designing the Future Health Basket and Background Policy Paper on Raising Resources for Universal Health Insurance, which informed the development of the White Paper are also available for download.  Links to other supporting documentation that informed the White Paper are also provided below.

Submissions can be submitted:

By E-mail to:

By Post to:

UHI White Paper

UHI Unit
Department of Health
Room 7.26
Hawkins House
Hawkins Street
Dublin 2

The closing date for submissions is close of business 28th May 2014 and will be strictly adhered to. All submissions received will be subject to the Freedom of Information Acts 1997 & 2003 and may be released in response to a Freedom of Information request.

Download the consultation document (MS Word)

Supporting Documents

(From the website of the Health Research Board)

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