Press Release

Workers should not be forced to retire for age reasons – Callely

Mr Ivor Callely TD, Minister of State with responsibility for Services for Older People has today (27 March 2003) welcomed the publication of the National Economic and Social Forum (NESF) Report on Labour Market Issues for Older People.

“One of my core objectives is to help older people to live in dignity. Now that people are living longer and healthier lives, we must consider whether it is really necessary to force people to stop working when they reach a certain age. Many people may not wish to retire and may still have much to contribute,” said the Minister of State.

The report recognizes that workers should have a greater degree of choice about when to retire, about flexible working arrangements and a more supportive work environment provided by the employer with access to better training and progression at work.

“This Report proposes certain recommendations that will, I believe, enhance the working lives of older workers while accruing benefits to the employer, the employee and the wider society. I fully support these objectives and will do my best to ensure that the recommendations will be acted up on by my Government colleagues. I congratulate Dr Maureen Gaffney and her colleagues for producing such a well researched and comprehensive report,” concluded Minister Callely.