Press Release

Varadkar & Lynch welcome resolution of High Court action on Under Six GP care

Minister for Health Leo Varadkar and Minister for Primary Care and Social Care Kathleen Lynch have welcomed the end of the High Court action opposing free GP care for the under sixes.

Minister Varadkar said: “For families across Ireland, this is a positive development. Over 70% of GPs have already signed up to provide free GP care, childhood health checks and asthma care to the under sixes. The withdrawal of this High Court case removes any remaining uncertainty and should, I hope, encourage remaining GPs to sign up. Of course, it remains a matter for individual GPs on whether they wish to take part in the scheme. I now look forward to engaging with GPs on a new core contract and further improvements to the scope and resourcing of primary care.”

Minister Lynch said: “On 1st July parents of children under the age of six will be able to avail of a free GP visit service. We had always hoped that the service would be available as conveniently as possible so that parents could access it without any difficulty. In the main, parents prefer to stay with their GP who has been looking after their children and families. I am hopeful that this development will allow young parents, in more cases, to have the option of staying with their family GP. The more GPs that participate in the scheme, the better the service will be.”