Press Release

Varadkar launches public consultation on National Maternity Strategy

Minister for Health Leo Varadkar has today launched the public consultation process for the new National Maternity Strategy.

Minister Varadkar called on members of the public, and especially patients, to make their views known to the Department of Health about what they would like to see in the new Strategy.

The strategy will aim to ensure that women in Ireland have access to safe, high quality maternity care in a setting which is most appropriate to their needs. The Strategy is one of the Minister’s current priorities.

Minister Varadkar said, “I’m pleased to announce the launch of this consultation process which will play an important role in drafting the Maternity Strategy. The maternity services have come under much public scrutiny recently. There is a clear need to provide reassurance in terms of safety, quality and choice, and I want to hear the views of patients and members of the public in these areas. I want to know what areas of the maternity services people perceive to be good and bad. In recent weeks I have heard some horrific accounts of first hand experiences, while others have been full of praise for the service they received. So we would like to find out what areas do we need to improve, and how can we do this?”

The consultation process will be fed into the Maternity Strategy Group which is currently working on the new Strategy.

The consultation process is open to everyone.  It will run from Thursday 18 June – Wednesday 15 July 2015.

A link to the consultation survey can be found at: or at this shortened link: