Press Release

Statement on behalf of Minister of State Róisín Shortall TD Re: Centra “Children’s Allowance Deals”

03 July 2012

Minister of State Róisín Shortall TD today (Tuesday 3rd July, 2012) was    strongly critical of the Centra “Children’s Allowance Specials” promotion    which included alcohol at discount prices.

It is deeply disturbing that a retailer would promote alcohol in    this way. Alcohol causes almost 90 deaths every month, is responsible for    a quarter of injuries presenting to our emergency departments and is a    trigger in one third of domestic abuse cases”.

While acknowledging that Centra had instructed its stores to withdraw    the promotion, Minister Shortall added “we need to tackle our    patterns of alcohol consumption and the harms that alcohol is responsible    for. Alcohol marketing and promotions are clearly part of this and the    Centra promotion illustrates the weakness of a voluntary code in this    area. My Department is developing an Action Plan on Alcohol based on the    recommendations of the Substance Misuse Strategy and will be brought to    Government in the coming weeks. We cannot tolerate similar alcohol    promotions in the future.”