Press Release

Statement from the Minister of State for Disability Finian McGrath, TD, concerning a young adult with a disability who resided in a foster home in the South

Both the Department of Health and the Department of Children and Youth Affairs are examining these issues urgently and have had discussions with the HSE and TUSLA in this regard.  A meeting between the two Departments, the HSE and TUSLA is to be held this week.  It would therefore be premature to make any decision in regard to further action, if required, until the facts have been clearly established. The Minister of State is being kept fully appraised of developments.

There have been calls for the Terms of Reference of the Commission of Investigation concerning the “Grace” case to be expanded beyond the scope of the Government Decision to include the foster care case in Cork/Kerry which has received media coverage in recent days. However, it is important to note that, as yet (and in contrast with the “Grace” case where two detailed reports have already been completed) the facts have not yet been clearly established in regard to the most recent foster care case. It has not yet been subject to any review or scoping exercise to gather the facts etc.