Press Release

Statement From The Minister For Health And Children, Mary Harney T.D. on the National Paediatric Hospital Board

The Minister for Health and Children, Mary Harney T.D said this evening :

“The mandate of the National Paediatric Hospital Development Board and its Chairman is to achieve the construction and commissioning of the new children’s hospital at the site adjacent to the Mater Hospital.

In requesting the resignation of Mr Philip Lynch as Chairman, I made it clear that it is not in the remit of the Development Board to revisit the Government decision taken on the location of the new hospital and this is an entirely appropriate constraint on the role of the Board and its Chairperson.

It was made quite clear to Mr Lynch that the project to build the new Paediatric Hospital will proceed fully as planned to deliver the best possible complex care for children.

The work of the Task Force, establised in 2006, to advise on the optimum location of the proposed new paediatric hospital, concluded that the Mater hospital site was the best adult hospital site for the paediatric hospital. RKW subsequently determined that the site at the Mater would accommodate the hospital. This was confirmed earlier this week by the Development Board when it outlined the detailed design plans and timetable for the progression of the project.

The funding mechanism for the new hospital set out at the commencement of the project remains in place.

With regard to the issue of meetings with the Crumlin Hosptial Foundation, I have made it clear to Mr Lynch that contrary to his view, I regarded it as one of the requirements of his role as Chairman to meet and develop good relations with all stakeholders. I reminded him that I have met with the Foundation myself, and in fact appointed one of its Board members to the Health Research Board.

The development of the National Paediatric Hospital at the Mater campus remains a priority for the Government and it is important now that we all focus on making it happen rather than attempting to revisit the decisions of the past.”