Press Release

Statement from the Department of Health regarding the Governance arrangements in relation to the new National Maternity Hospital

It is correct that the land on which the new maternity hospital will be built is owned by the St. Vincent’s Healthcare Group and that the Sisters of Charity are a major shareholder in the St. Vincent’s Healthcare Group.

However, late last year the National Maternity Hospital, Holles St. (NMH) and St. Vincent’s Healthcare Group (SVHG) agreed a new governance structure for the new National Maternity Hospital, which provides for a new company being established called; “The National Maternity Hospital at Elm Park DAC (limited by shares)”.

The identity and ethos of the current NMH will be retained. The new company will have clinical and operational independence in the provision of maternity, gynaecology and neonatal services, without religious, ethnic or other distinction, as well as financial and budgetary independence.

This independence will be assured by the reserved powers which are set out in the agreement and which will be copperfastened by the golden share which will be held by the Minister for Health. These reserved powers can only be amended with the unanimous written approval of the Directors and with the approval of the Minister for Health.

The Board of the new NMH will comprise 9 directors; four nominated by SVHG, four by NMH, including the Master, and one will be an international expert in obstetrics and gynaecology. Two of the NMH Directors will also sit on the SVHG Board. The first Chair of the Board of Directors of the new NMH will be one of the NMH nominated Directors.

The Mastership model for the maternity hospital will be retained and the Master will act in the position of Clinical Director of Obstetrics and Gynaecology across the campus.