Press Release

Statement from Minister Harris on Orkambi

“I am extremely conscious that the last number of months have been an extraordinarily stressful and worrying time for many CF patients and their families. Last Monday (27th February) I provided an update on progress in relation to Orkambi  when I stressed that I expect the process can be concluded in a period of weeks.  My overriding priority is to make sure that any agreement reached would provide certainty to Irish CF patients on the provision of Orkambi, Kalydeco and other drugs now and in the future.    Progress has been made and this process is now entering a critical phase.  Given the level of investment and the scale of the potential benefits for CF patients, there are important commercial and contractual aspects which have to be agreed in the interests of patients and the health service overall. I am asking for the space for this process to be concluded with the objective that we can achieve a deal which provides certainty now and in the future and I wish to assure CF patients and families that I believe the process can be concluded in a period of weeks.”