Press Release

Statement from Mary Harney T.D, Minister For Health And Children, on development of new paediatric hospital

The Minister for Health and Children, Mary Harney TD, said today (Thursday, 11 January 2007) that the Government is determined to proceed with the development of a new national tertiary paediatric hospital on a site at the Mater Misericordiae Hospital.

She said “My overriding and sole interest, and that of the Government, is to achieve world class paediatric services in a signal national tertiary paediatric hospital as soon as possible. This is the best solution for sick children throughout the country and we cannot be distracted from that goal.

She said “I am satisfied that the recommendation that the new children’s hospital be located on a site to be made available by the Mater Hospital was made after a rigorous and robust and independent assessment process.”

“The Task Group charged with identifying the site of the new hospital engaged in extensive consultations with the three existing paediatric hospitals, the three maternity hospitals, and external experts in arriving at its recommendation, and gave in-depth consideration to the key issues of access, governance, clinical values and site suitability. Its  recommendation was made in the best interests of children and has been accepted by the Board of the HSE, and endorsed by the Government.”

“Now is the time to move on to develop the project. It is time for action now, not further reviews, analysis and re-opening decisions already made.”

The project is now moving to the crucial design phase where any engineering and architectural issues arising in the development of a large scale, single site paediatric hospital will be addressed.  This has been the experience in other countries where similar childrens’s hospitals have been successfully developed.