Press Release

Statement by the Minister for Health on the April 2015 HSE Performance Report

In terms of hospital activity, elective in-patient admissions are 3% ahead of target to end-April, or 2.3% ahead of the same period last year, continuing a positive trend from last month of increased activity in this area.

Emergency admissions are 3.7% below the expected year to date level and new emergency department attendances are 1.6% below the level expected to end April this year. However, these figures are trending towards the level expected, having been 6% and 5% below at end-January.

Patient experience times have improved slightly in April compared to March and are better than this time last year. While the 2015 targets are not being met at the moment, the trend is positive. In other positive news, delayed discharges are below 700 in this Performance Report, continuing the downward trend from last month. In fact, the most recent figures from June 9th show that there are 650 delayed discharges.

Waiting times continue to be of concern. At end-April, child waiting times for in-patient and daycases had worsened slightly and the numbers waiting for over 18 months had increased. Adult and outpatient lists have also risen. The HSE has set aside €5 million to develop Waiting List Implementation Plans for in-patient and day cases and specific plans to address outpatient waiting lists are also being developed.

All of the screening programmes are ahead of target with the exception of Diabetic Retina Screen, which is slightly below target to end April, but it has improved its performance since the March Performance Report. Evening and Saturday appointments have been made available to facilitate working people and this has shown improvements in the patterns of attendance.

This April Performance Report is evidence of steady, incremental progress towards targets. We want a health service that puts the patient first by reducing waiting times, reducing patient experience times and enhancing patient safety. The steady progress on metrics like delayed discharges and in-patient admissions shows that the plans we put in place at the start of the year are beginning to take effect. We still have a long way to go but we are moving in the right direction.


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