Press Release

Statement by the Department of Health on NMBI applications

  • There are significant delays at NMBI level
  • But regrettably 70% of outstanding applications have submitted incomplete documentation
  • New helpline being set up to assist in making complete applications

The Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland (NMBI) is an independent statutory body with responsibility for managing its functions including the registration of nurses and midwives.

The Department of Health wishes to correct a misapprehension being given regarding applications for nursing registration.

There are indeed significant delays in the processing of applications by the NMBI, arising from a significant increase in applications, which have risen by 122% this year.

However, unfortunately 70% of outstanding applications have submitted incomplete documentation, and cannot be processed until full documentation has been supplied.

For this reason a new helpline is being set up to assist people with their applications and deal with registration queries. The Department has approved the filling of 16 posts to be deployed as the NMBI requires, and seven of these positions have already been filled. An upgraded website is also being developed.

Seven adaptation programmes have been held for the nursing home sector since 2014 with two further programmes scheduled for this year, in order to allow overseas nurses to register in Ireland. Some 405 places have been made available so far on these courses. Unfortunately only 312 of these places were used by the nursing home sector. There are still places available on the next course due to commence on the 28th September 2015.

Alternative adaptation options for overseas nurses are also being considered.

The Department continues to hold regular meetings with the NMBI on this matter in order to ensure that progress is being made.

Organisations such as the NHI have been kept informed throughout and will continue to be informed of developments.