Press Release

Statement by Minister Varadkar on IMO ballot

Minister for Health Leo Varadkar has said he is very pleased that IMO members have supported the new salary scales for new entrant consultants and said the HSE will move immediately to advertise positions on the new pay scales.

“I am delighted that IMO members have accepted the new salary scales for new consultants. The HSE will now advertise posts where there are vacancies as a priority which I hope will be a significant step in attracting more consultants to work within the public health service,” Minister Varadkar said.

The new proposals were put forward early this month following intensive engagement by the Department of Health, the Department of Public Expenditure & Reform, the HSE and the IMO. The talks were facilitated by Kieran Mulvey, the Chief Executive of the Labour Relations Commission following the rejection of the earlier set of proposals by IMO members.

“I expect the new pay scales and the improved salaries will help us to keep more of our graduates at home and persuade consultants who are working overseas to return to Ireland. I want this new package to send a strong message to Irish medical graduates that pay, terms and conditions are improving again and that they can be part of the health recovery in Ireland,” Minister Varadkar said.

The new rates will apply retrospectively to new entrant consultants with effect from 1st September 2014.


Further details

The pay of new entrant consultants has been on the agenda since the Public Service Stability Agreement (Haddington Road Agreement) was agreed in July 2013. It specifically addressed the need to look at medical recruitment and retention.

In light of those specific provisions, the MacCraith Group was established. In its second report it recommended that:   “the relevant parties commence, as a matter of urgency, a focused, timetabled IR engagement of short duration to address the barrier caused by the variation in rates of remuneration between new entrant Consultants and their established peers that have emerged since 2012. It further recommends that the relevant parties explore options, within existing contractual arrangements, to advance a more differentiated Consultant career structure as outlined in Section 5.3 (i.e. clinical service provision, clinical leadership and Health Service Management, clinical research, academic, quality improvement and other roles). The Report identified the Labour Relations Commission (LRC) as the appropriate body to facilitate engagement on this Recommendation’.

It is noted that the revised rates arise from the Haddington Road Agreement (HRA) and are not available to consultants who are not parties to the HRA.

Separately, the successor to the Public Service Agreement is to be discussed later this year and Minister Howlin and his Department have advised that this will be after the 1st quarter returns.



Proposed Consultant pay structure with effect from 1st   September 2014
  Point Type A Type B Type C
Annual Performance Related Increments 1 €127,000 €120,000 €105,000
2 €132,600 €124,200 €108,000
3 €140,000 €130,000 €112,000
4 €144,000 €133,000 €114,500
5 €150,000 €137,000 €117,000
6 €155,000 €141,000 €120,000
7 €161,000 €145,000 €124,000
8 €166,500 €151,000 €128,500
9 €175,000 €157,000 €134,000
Head of Department 1 €170,000
2 €175,000
3 €180,000
Group Manager (Clinical Director) 1 €190,000
Note: Consultants entering may benefit from incremental   credit up to the 6th point of the scales above.