Press Release

Statement by Minister Kathleen Lynch TD following the publication of the Report of the Mental Health Commission Inspectorate of the Review of 24-Hour Supervised Residences 2009 – 2013

Minister Kathleen Lynch TD today (24th June 2014) welcomed the publication of the Review undertaken by the Mental Health Commission Inspectorate of 24-Hour Supervised Residences 2009 – 2013. The Minister noted the Inspectorate’s finding that overall care and treatment of residents has improved since 2005 and that two-thirds of residences are implementing individual care plans.

However, it is acknowledged that some high-support hostels have more than 10 beds and the HSE has committed to reviewing the suitability of these arrangements having regard to the needs of the clients accommodated there. It is important to note, however, that all residents in 24-hour staffed hostels receive a mental health service and are either under the care of the Rehabilitation Team or Adult Community Mental Health Team.

The HSE’s National Service Plan 2014 is underpinned by a detailed Mental Health Operational Plan for 2014. There is significant work underway and planned within mental health which is important to improving how we deliver mental health services.

The HSE acknowledges that there is work still remaining, including reviewing the existing accommodation to ensure it is meeting the needs of the users of the mental health services and the Report of the Inspectorate of Mental Health Services will inform that work.

The HSE will actively engage with the Inspectorate and the Mental Health Commission to address the findings contained in the Report.

Since 2012, the Government has prioritised the reform of our mental health services in line with AVFC with the provision of an additional €90 million and some 1,100 posts primarily to strengthen Community Mental Health Teams for both adults and children and to enhance specialist community mental health services for older people with a mental illness, those with an intellectual disability and mental illness and forensic mental health services in line with A Vision for Change.