Press Release

Statement by Department of Health and Children on meeting with Dignity 4 Patients

Mary Harney T.D., Minister for Health and Children met with representatives of Dignity 4 Patients this morning, 29th October, 2009. The Minister briefed them on the decision to establish an independent review to examine whether further investigation into the case of Mr. Michael Shine would be of public benefit.

The Minister emphasised that the examination should have regard to the views of groups or individuals representing complainants, including the group Dignity 4 Patients.

Terms of Reference for Review

To examine and recommend to the Minister for Health and Children:

  • Whether a further investigation into the procedures and practices operating at Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital Drogheda during the period 1964 to 1995 to protect patients from sexual abuse while undergoing treatment or care at the hospital and to deal with allegations of sexual abuse against Mr Michael Shine, would be likely to provide additional information or insights which would be of significant public benefit in helping to improve present best practice guidelines and policies (including the Children First Guidelines), which apply to the treatment of patients in hospital for the purpose of protecting such patients from being sexually abused.
  • The examination and recommendation should have regard to:
    • The report of the Independent Review Group (1996);
    • Current guidelines and policy concerning the treatment of patients in hospital, including the Children First Guidelines and relevant rules of professional conduct and medical ethics;
    • The views of groups or individuals representing complainants including the group Dignity 4 Patients;
    • The need to avoid prejudicing ongoing civil or criminal proceedings or investigations.