Press Release

Significant development in consultant talks

The Minister for Health, Dr James Reilly has today (Thursday, 13th September 2012) welcomed the significant development which will pave the way for talks involving hospital consultants at the Labour Relations Commission.

Yesterday, the Minister expressed serious concern that talks were not proceeding in the LRC as had been requested. Today, the Secretary General of the Department of Health, Dr Ambrose McLoughlin and the Director General designate of the HSE, Mr Tony O’Brien,  met with senior figures from the Irish Hospital Consultants Association. After the meeting, the IHCA has agreed to enter talks in the LRC with a specific deadline for attempting to reach agreement.

Talks involving the IHCA, IMO, the HSE and the Departments of Health and Public Expenditure and Reform will convene this evening in the LRC with a view to reaching agreement by Sunday night next.

Minister Reilly has welcomed the development. He has stressed the importance of all sides trying to reach agreement by the deadline of Sunday night in the best interests of patients, in the best interests of the health services and in the best interests of the country.