Press Release

Varadkar announces publication of first progress report on recommendations of Strategic Review of Medical Training and Career Structure

Minister for Health Leo Varadkar has announced the publication of the first progress report on the implementation of the recommendations of the Strategic Review of Medical Training and Career Structure.

Welcoming the progress made to date in areas like the protection of training time for trainees, the expansion of the NCHD Lead Initiative across public hospitals and new salary scales for new entrant Consultants, the Minister said:

“Through their three reports, the Strategic Review Working Group identified key issues that impact on the recruitment and retention of doctors. The Working Group offered solutions and recommendations. If we continue to see them through, we can build a sustainable medical workforce for the future.”

The Minister noted the establishment by the Department of Health of a multi-stakeholder group to monitor the implementation of the recommendations of the Strategic Review:

“This will help to drive implementation across the system and embed the recommendations in the day-to-day business practice of the health system.”

“I also want to thank the Group members. This is a work in progress but real progress is being made to improve working conditions and provide better training for our non-consultant hospital doctors. It’s good for our young doctors to get experience overseas but we want more of them to stay for longer in Ireland and more to come back. I look forward to a further progress report next June.”


Background Notes for Editors

In July 2013 a Working Group, chaired by Prof. Brian MacCraith, President, Dublin City University, was established to carry out a strategic review of medical training and career structure. The Working Group was tasked with examining and making high-level recommendations relating to training and career pathways for doctors. The Working Group completed its work at the end of June 2014 and, in all, submitted three reports and made 25 recommendations.

The Strategic Review recommendations are being implemented through a range of structures and processes across the health system, involving multiple stakeholders.

The Department of Health has established an Implementation Monitoring Group, comprising key stakeholders including trainee doctors, the Forum of Irish Postgraduate Medical Training Bodies, the HSE, the IMO, the Medical Council and the Health Workforce Research Group, RCSI. This Group advises on the preparation, by the Department’s Workforce Planning Unit, of six-monthly progress reports to the Minister for Health.

This is the first six-monthly progress report to be submitted to the Minister for Health and addresses the period from 1st July 2014 to 31st January 2015.

The report is available on the Department of Health website here.