Press Release

Publication of Your Views about Health – the Report on Consultation for the Health Strategy

The Minister for Health and Children, Mr Micheál Martin, T.D., is pleased to announce the publication of Your Views about Health – the Report on Consultation for the Health Strategy Quality and Fairness – a Health System for You

The consultation process used to prepare the Health Strategy was the most comprehensive ever undertaken in this country to gather the views of the key stakeholders – members of the public, service users, services providers and staff and management in the health services.

The views and proposals contained in the submissions fed into the development of the Health Strategy in a very significant way and the issues raised above are among reforms set out in the Health Strategy. The Minister commented “the response form the public and organisations greatly exceeded our expectations and provided extremely valuable insights into the issues that need to be addressed.”

The Health Strategy recognises the value of ongoing consultation and participation by providing a number of ways for improving participation by the community and by proposing the introduction of best practice models of customer care. Minister Martin said that “what will make the Health Strategy robust and durable is that fact that it is based on what you have said to us”.

This Report describes the planning and implementation of the consultation process. It sets out in detail the views and proposals expressed by those who were consulted and it identifies the key messages that emerged.