Press Release

Press Statement by the Chief Medical Officer and the Irish Association of Plastic Surgeons for individuals who may be considering surgical cosmetic procedures

03 July 2012

Following recent concerns expressed in relation to the safety and    quality of surgical cosmetic procedures in Ireland, the Office of the    Chief Medical Officer (CMO) has prepared, in collaboration the Irish    Association of Plastic Surgeons (IAPS) a short guideline containing a    number of recommendations for individuals who may be considering surgical    cosmetic procedures. This updates previous guidance from the CMO issued in    November 2010 to Cosmetic Surgery Tourists.

Dr Tony Holohan, CMO said “I would like to thank the Irish    Association of Plastic Surgeons and in particular Dr. Patricia Eadie,    President of the Association for their assistance and support in compiling    this extremely informative and helpful guideline which, I believe, affords    prospective patients with very useful and practical advice when    considering whether or not to undergo surgical cosmetic procedures.    

“Recent controversy surrounding the PIP breast implant issue in    Ireland has highlighted the potential problems which can occur in surgical    cosmetic procedures. The Minister requested that better information be put    in place for people who are planning to undergo cosmetic surgery in this    country. Both Dr. Eadie and I are satisfied that this joint guideline goes    a long way towards achieving this goal”.

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