Press Release

Pat The Cope confirms new €2ml Primary Care Centre for Glenties

Minister for Health Promotion and Food Safety, Pat the Cope Gallagher has confirmed that a new purpose built primary care centre is to be provided on the centrally located site of the former national school at Glenties.

It is planned that the Primary Care Centre will provide the following services for the people of Glenties Town and the surrounding area:-

•General Practitioner Services
•Public Health Nursing Services
•Community Welfare Services
•Community Physiotherapy Services
•Social Work Services
•Occupational Therapy Services
•Chiropody Services
•Dietician Services
•Learning Disabilities Services
•Minor Injuries Procedures Clinic
•Mental Health Services including Child & Family Services
•Physical & Sensory Disabilities Services
•Psychology Services
•Speech & Language Therapy Services
•Dental Services

The site was acquired from the St. Columba’s Trust on the understanding that it would be used only for a Primary Care Centre. The building which is now to be designed will be a single storey premises. It will facilitate the integration of Primary Care Services and individual Public Health Nurses and will be based with, and assigned to, specific GP Practices. The primary objective is to ensure the development of a fully integrated Primary Care team under one roof with a clear emphasis on patient centred care delivery.

The new facility will provide Primary Care Services and Community Service Clinics and will be used by the broader community for social interaction and activities.

The new centre will enable primary care to centre on the needs of individuals and groups of people, and will match their needs with the competencies required to meet them. Some of the essential components will include assessment, diagnosis, therapy, nursing, social services referral and rehabilitation.

The new Centre will be developed in such a manner as to facilitate interaction, both formally and informally, among the members of the primary care team.

It is expected that the design team will be appointed early in the new year to prepare the plans , apply for planning permission and prepare contract documents. This process will take about twelve months and it is expected the actual construction will start early in 2009 and will be completed by December 2009.

“I am delighted to confirm this development” said Pat the Cope.” I know that this development will greatly improve the level and quality of the services available to the people of Glenties and I am confident that the availability of so many services under one roof will be of huge benefit to all the people who use our health services.”