Press Release

O´Malley opens the Health and Safety Conference for dental professionals

Mr Tim O´Malley, Minister of State at the Department of Health and Children today (14 November 2003) opened the Health and Safety Conference for dentists and auxiliary dental workers in Limerick.

The conference was organised as part of the Continuing Dental Education programme for dentists and auxiliary dental professionals. Course organisers in the South and Mid-West region have organised many courses in recent years. These covered a wide range of topics on dentistry.

“There are ongoing developments in all areas of dentistry. These help the profession to move forward with providing treatment in a safe environment. The scope and breadth of the presentations here today is indicative of the pace of change that is being imposed on the practice of dentistry by a fast changing external environment. The changing environment includes national and EU legislation on health and safety along with consumer demands and expectations for a high quality service” stated the Minister.

The Minister added “I consider it a credit to the dental profession in Ireland for being to the fore in promoting Continuing Dental Education and Continuing Professional Development in conjunction with the Post Graduate Medical and Dental Board and the Irish Dental Association. I commend the team based approach adopted here today. This sort of approach should be adopted as standard practice for as many continuing education initiatives as possible.”

A number of international speakers are attending the conference and a large attendance of dentists and auxiliary dental professionals are also expected to attend.