Press Release

Northern Ireland Ministers meet in Dublin to discuss new Children´s Strategy in Northern Ireland

Minister Denis Haughey, MLA and Minister Dermot Nesbitt, MLA, will meet with the Minister for Children, Ms. Mary Hanafin, T.D. (tomorrow 17 July, 2001) to discuss the National Children´s Strategy.

The Office of the First Minister and Deputy Minister in Northern Ireland are in the process of developing a children´s strategy and Minister Hanafin will share the experience of preparing such a strategy and the consultation process involved.

The meeting with the Northern Ireland Ministers follows on from other meetings between officials from Minister Hanafin´s National Children´s Office and officials from the Human Rights Unit in the Office of the First Minister and the Deputy First Minister in Northern Ireland.

Minister Hanafin said that “there has been considerable international interest in the Government´s National Children´s Strategy as a novel and innovative social policy development”.

The Minister said that she was delighted to be able to share with her Northern Ireland colleagues the knowledge and experience that had been gained by the Government during the development of Ireland´s first ever National Children´s Strategy. “This type of valuable North /South co-operation is important not just at a political level but in working together to benefit children and young people in the whole island”.