Press Release

NCHD Rotations, 1st July 2001

Current Position in Relation to the Filling of Non Consultant Hospital Doctor (NCHD) Posts for 1st July 2001 (Commencement date for the next 6-month Contract Period)

Non Consultant Hospital Doctors work on a six-month contract basis, at the end of which they take up new posts in different hospitals in order to acquire the range of knowledge and experience required to successfully complete their medical training.

There are currently 3,249 NCHDs employed within the Irish Public Health Service. The latest projections (as of 29th June) indicate that 3,191 (98.3%) of these posts throughout the country will be filled on 1st July. This leaves 57.5 (1.7%) of NCHD posts remaining to be filled. By comparison, the 1st January, 2001 rotation achieved a post occupancy level of 99%. Generally, specialties are experiencing no particular difficulties. This occupancy level would be the envy of most employers in the country. However, the Health Service Employers Agency and the employers have established a National Monitoring Group to oversee the situation and are making every effort to increase post occupancy levels to the maximum.

The Department of Health and Children has undertaken a number of initiatives to improve recruitment and retention of NCHDs which have already proven successful. The introduction of further initiatives will be kept under review.