Press Release

Minister White welcomes agreement with the IMO

Minister of State with responsibility for Primary Care, Alex White TD, today (28 May 2014) welcomed the conclusion of a Framework Agreement between the Minister of Health and the Irish Medical Organisation (IMO) which sets out a process for engagement concerning the GMS/GP contract and other publicly funded contracts involving General Practitioners (GPs).

“This Agreement has been reached after a series of discussions between myself and officials from my Department/HSE with the IMO following my invitation to enter ‘talks about talks’ at their Annual Conference on 26 April 2014. I am pleased that these talks have now culminated in the drawing up of this Agreement” said Minister White.

The Framework Agreement sets out a proposed process for engagement on all aspects of the GMS contract with GPs with due regard to the IMO’s role as a representative body of medical practitioners and within the context of the provisions of the primary legislation that will underpin the introduction of GP care free at the point of access.

“I want to thank the officials from my Department/HSE and from the IMO who have been instrumental in drawing up this agreement. I believe it will pave the way for open and constructive discussions in the future regarding primary care which will lead to an enhanced GP service in communities across Ireland” said Minister White.