Press Release

Minister welcomes World Mental Health Day – Sunday 10th October 2004

Mr Tim O’Malley TD, Minister of State at the Department of Health and Children with special responsibility for mental health, welcomed World Mental Health Day (Sunday 10th October 2004) which will focus this year on the relationship between physical and mental health.  2004 marks the twelfth year of the World Mental Health Day global mental health education campaign which is organised by the World Federation for Mental Health.

“Good mental health is an integral component of general health and well-being which allows a person to realise his or her abilities – a healthy mind in a healthy body” the Minister said.  With a balanced mental disposition, one is more effective in coping with the stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully and is better able to make a positive contribution to his or her community.

“The World Health Organisation indicates that one in four of us are likely to experience mental health problems at some time in our lives.  The positive side of this is that we are all aware of the factors which contribute to well-being and recovery from such difficulties. One of the most important of these is friendship, and a sense of belonging” added the Minister.

The Minister acknowledged the very important work carried out by voluntary agencies such as Mental Health Ireland, Schizophrenia Ireland, Grow, Aware and Irish Advocacy Network in providing support to those most vulnerable in our society and in promoting a positive attitude in the community towards mental health.

While researchers and clinicians have made important advances in reducing suffering and accompanying disability, the battle against the stigma and social exclusion caused by mental illness is ongoing.

Minister O’Malley wished the World Federation for Mental Health every success in this years’ events to mark World Mental Health Day.