Press Release

Minister Publishes Key Health Reform Policy Paper on ‘Money Follows the Patient’

The Minister for Health, James Reilly, T.D. today (15th February 2013) launched two key health reform documents:

  • Money Follows the Patient: A Policy Paper on Hospital Financing , and
  • The Path to Universal Healthcare: A Preliminary Paper on Universal Health Insurance.

The two documents fulfil important commitments in Future Health, the strategic framework for health service reform which was launched last November

Speaking at the publication of the papers, the Minister said:

I am delighted to publish the ‘Money Follows the Patient’ policy paper. This is a key building block for universal health insurance (UHI) which will also deliver significant benefits in its own right and in advance of the introduction of UHI. The system will provide a fairer and more transparent basis for funding hospital services. It will drive greater efficiency in the delivery of services and will ultimately support the provision of quality care in the most appropriate setting. It represents a vital early step on the journey of health reform. The policy paper will form the basis for consultation with stakeholders and for commencing implementation of the first step, known as shadow funding.”

The Minister noted that ‘Money Follows the Patient’ is one of a number of building blocks which he is working on to achieve UHI

“Work is advancing across all areas of the reform agenda. The Preliminary Paper on Universal Health Insurance provides a progress report on the work we have done so far. It also maps out the critical actions and initiatives to be delivered in the year ahead.”

The Minister thanked the UHI Implementation Group and the Hospital Financing Subgroup for their invaluable advice and guidance in relation to Money Follows the Patient’ – an important initiative which is central to creating a more equitable and efficient health system for the people of Ireland.”


Note for Editors:

In Future Health: A Strategic Framework for Reform of the Health Service 2012- 2015, the Minister promised to publish two key papers relating to UHI. The ‘Money Follows the Patient’ paper is a major step in mapping out how a new, transparent and fairer system of funding will work. The Preliminary Paper on UHI describes the progress made last year in preparing for UHI, and it signals the main areas of work for 2013.

Money Follows the Patient – Policy Paper on Hospital Financing

The Path to Universal Healthcare – Preliminary Paper on Universal Health Insurance