Press Release

Minister O´Malley, T.D attends the graduation ceremony of enable ireland´s 3rd high tech assistive technology course

Mr Tim O´Malley, T.D., Minister of State at the Department of Health and Children today (11 November 2003) attended the graduation ceremony of Enable Ireland´s 3rd High Tech Assistive Technology Course. The course is a key component in ensuring that technology is appropriately placed in the hands of people with disabilities, thereby increasing their independence, and enhancing their ability to access mainstream education and employment opportunities.

In September, 2003 Ireland hosted the 7th European Conference on the advancement of Assistive Technology. This conference highlighted the many successful initiatives undertaken in Ireland in the Assistive Technology sector involving partnership and collaboration between the voluntary sector and the IT sector. These partnerships and collaborations continue to open up new avenues for people with disabilities.

Enable Ireland´s Assistive Technology service focuses on a range of diverse areas, from using computers and voice output communication aids to operating environmental control systems such as electronic door openers, remote lights, window and curtain openers, as well as exploring alternative ways of driving power wheelchairs. In addition to the training there are two job coaches and a co-ordinator focussed on sourcing employment and supporting people in the workplace.

“I congratulate Enable Ireland on having the foresight to establish and conduct a course of this nature as it will have the significant impact of increasing the social and economic independence of Assistive Technology users, allowing them to forge their own path in society” stated the Minister.