Press Release

Minister O’Malley addresses Schizophrenia Ireland’s Biennial Conference

Mr Tim O’Malley, T.D. Minister of State at the Department of Health and Children, today (12th November 2004) addressed the Biennial Conference of Schizophrenia Ireland. “I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the importance and value of the work of Schizophrenia Ireland in highlighting and responding to the needs of those in our society who suffer from mental ill-health.”  Minister O’Malley said.

“People with a mental illness were excluded, for many years, from full participation in community life as a result of widespread stigmatisation of mental illness,” the Minister stated.  “Thankfully, there is now a recognition of the right of each person to participate fully in the social, economic, political and cultural activities of their communities.  The educational work of Schizophrenia Ireland has contributed significantly to our growing understanding of mental illness and of the needs of those people who suffer with the illness”. Minister O’Malley said.

Schizophrenia Ireland was founded in 1975 to promote awareness of the issues surrounding schizophrenia and mental illness in general.  The organisation has since become involved in the promotion of research into the needs of relatives and sufferers living in the community.  The services provided by Schizophrenia Ireland include counselling services, self-help groups for people suffering from schizophrenia who are managing the illness and a drop-in centre for people suffering mental illness.  The organisation also provides a number of publications on the symptoms and treatment of schizophrenia.

Minister O’Malley complimented Schizophrenia Ireland on the value of the Conference and paid tribute to all involved in the work of the organisation. “I believe that the services provided by Schizophrenia Ireland are of real practical value to the many families affected by mental illness,” he said.