Press Release

Minister of State, Máire Hoctor, to visit the Wednesday Club at the Friends of the Elderly at 2.30pm today, 8th August 2007

Máire Hoctor, Minister of State with responsibility for Older People will visit the Wednesday Club at the Friends of the Elderly, Bolton Street today at 2.30 today, 8th August, 2007. “The Bolton Street Band” – Ireland’s Oldest Boy Band will be performing.

Little Brothers – Friends of the Elderly is a voluntary non-denominational organization. Its main objective is to alleviate loneliness and isolation among older people by providing friendship, social contact and opportunities for participating in community activities.

Every Wednesday, Friends of the Elderly hold their club meeting at their centre in Bolton Street. The club has approximately 140 members. Club days provide an opportunity for older people to get together to listen to music, sing, dance, have a cup of tea or coffee with a snack and generally enjoy each others company.

Friends of the Elderly say they are fortunate to have a volunteer band (keyboard, drums and saxophone) who play every week for our members. The Band hope to be recording a medley of Abba and Bee Gee’s hits for the Christmas market. Current line-up consists of saxophone, keyboard, harmonica and spoons.  All proceeds raised will go to developing the services of Friends of the Elderly