Press Release

Minister of State at the Department of Health and Children, Mr Tim O´Malley T.D., addressed the Annual Conference of Mental Health Nurse Managers Ireland

At the annual conference of the Mental Health Nurse Managers Ireland annual conference, held in Wexford today, the Minister for State at the Department for Health and Children, Mr Tim O´Malley, T.D., spoke of the need to strengthen the capacity of primary care to meet the needs of the mentally ill. In his address to the conference the Minister praised the energy and commitment of those involved in the initial ten primary care teams. He said that the benefits of this Primary Care approach are becoming evident through improved access to therapy and nursing services, and their provision locally for the service user.

The Minister expressed the Government´s commitment to “the provision of quality care in the area of mental health, to upholding the civil and human rights of those who suffer from mental illness, and to encourage measures aimed at combating the stigma that is associated with such illness”. The Minister encouraged the Directors of Nursing in the Mental Health services to continue to influence the future development of our mental health services and to contribute to a more people-centred approach to service delivery.

Minister´s Speech