Press Release

Minister Moloney welcomes the launch of the Mental Health Commission’s Annual Report for 2007

Mr John Moloney, T.D. Minister of State at the Department of Health and Children today (29th May 2008) welcomed the publication of the 2007 Mental Health Commission Annual Report which includes the Report of the Inspector of Mental Health Services.

Full implementation of the Mental Health Act 2001 in November 2006 heralded the beginning a new era in mental health services in Ireland and Minister Moloney welcomed the significant changes that have taken place since then.

“Within services there is greater acknowledgement that multi-disciplinary team working is vital to the delivery of a modern mental health service.”said the Minister.

He added“I am particularly pleased to say that there is also increasing service user involvement in planning and delivering mental health services. This development is consistent with the person-centred ethos of A Vision for Change – the Report of the Expert Group on Mental Health policy which has been accepted as the blueprint for the future development of our mental health services.”

The Minister welcomed the emphasis in the Report on identifying initiatives which reflect good practice and the use of resources in an imaginative and innovative way.

The Commission’s Report identifies some areas of concern, where more progress is required, including child and adolescent mental health services and mental health services for people who have an intellectual disability. “These areas have been given a central focus in ‘A Vision for Change’” said the Minister and “this Government is committed to ensuring that services are developed in line with the recommendations in this Report”.

The Minister paid tribute to the Inspectorate and the Mental Health Commission for their continued commitment to the development and improvement of mental health services.