Press Release

Minister Moloney outlines Achievements in Mental Health and Priorities for 2010


Mr. John Moloney, T.D, Minister of State with responsibility for Equality, Disability and Mental Health today (1st March, 2010) outlined achievements in the mental health services. They include developments in the Child and Adolescent services, shorter episodes of inpatient care, the appointment of Executive Clinical Directors and the active involvement of service users.

The Government has approved the ringfencing of the proceeds of sales of psychiatric assets. In 2010 the HSE will dispose of surplus assets and reinvest an initial sum of €50 million in the development of a new mental health infrastructure.The current model of care is largely institutional based, and there are some 15 Victorian and older asylums still in use. It is Minister Moloney’s intention that these hospitals will close at the earliest possible date and patients transferred to more appropriate accommodation. These patients deserve nothing less.

The Minister said “Some of my priorities for 2010 include – transferring acute admissions from St Brendan’s Hospital to Connolly Memorial Hospital, Blanchardstown; a new acute unit at Beaumont Hospital to remove all acute admissions from St Ita’s Hospital, Portrane; constructing a new acute unit in Letterkenny; a Community Nursing Unit in Clonmel and the closure of St Luke’s Hospital in 2010; a Community Nursing Unit in Mullingar and the closure of St Loman’s to mental health patients.”

The Minister went on to say “while I accept in the current economic climate we face significant challenges we must, however, remember that our objective is to work together to develop a person-centred, recovery orientated, mental health service and to improve the lives of people affected by mental illness. We must make the ‘Vision’ a reality.”

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