Press Release

Minister Micheál Martin approves Construction of New €28 million Accident and Emergency Department & Day Procedures Department at Cork University Hospital

“Building work will commence in November this year and should be completed by the middle of 2004” – Minister Martin

Micheál Martin T.D., Minister for Health and Children, today (Friday 27th Sept 2002), announced that he has given approval to the Southern Health Board to proceed to construction of a new combined Accident and Emergency Department and Day Procedures Department for Cork University Hospital. The total cost of the project will be in the region of €28 million and building work will commence in November this year and should be completed by the middle of 2004.

“This development is part of an overall programme of expansion underway in the Cork University Hospital and is part of a total investment of approximately €200 million. This represents the largest development here since the hospital was opened 23 years ago. The continued investment in the hospital will enable it to provide acute hospital services in a modern setting to the people of Cork and the Munster region” Minister Martin said.

“This project comprises two elements. The first is the construction of a new Accident and Emergency Department as an extension to the hospital adjoining the existing department. The A&E component includes the provision of a comprehensive resuscitation area, with areas for counselling for families; 16 treatment places; diagnostic imaging facilities; waiting areas and treatment facilities, including purpose designed areas for children, to separate them from sick and injured adults. There will be a separate triage area, a specialist facility for emergency eye treatment, and a chemical decontamination facility. A ward area for 24 hour stays is included” said the Minister.

“The second element of the project is the Day Procedures Department, which is being planned as a two-phase development. Phase 1 of the new Day Procedures Department will be accommodated in the Accident and Emergency Department. In Phase one, there will be two theatres for use for surgical procedures and two endoscopy rooms. There is provision for 35 recovery places. Modern waiting, changing and recovery areas have been incorporated into the facility. Separate areas for the treatment of children will also be provided”, Minister Martin said.

“I am fully committed to the development of a modern health service capable of responding to the needs of the people and this Government has provided unprecedented increases in both capital and revenue funding for the health services in order to achieve this,” concluded Minister Martin.