Press Release

Minister McEntee launches the National Learning Set for Advancing Recovery in Ireland

Today in Limerick, Minister McEntee launched the National Learning Set for Advancing Recovery in Ireland, entitled ‘Working Together to Achieve Recovery: Our Role As Individuals, families, Services & Communities’. Over the course of the day, attendees heard from a variety of voices, including personal perspectives and the context of the recovery-orientated approach.

The aim of Advancing Recovery in Ireland (ARI) is to bring about the organisational and cultural change in mental health services necessary to support our services in becoming more ‘recovery-oriented’, in line with the national policy of the HSE Mental Health Division.

Minister McEntee stated, ‘In acknowledging the role of everyone involved in mental health recovery, the work of Advancing Recovery in Ireland embodies our modern and inclusive approach to mental health. By promoting this kind of collaborative working, ARI supports service users to be an active partner in their journey to recovery, and helps their voice be heard and valued’.

A key component of a recovery-orientated service is the concept of collaborative working known as co-production, which brings together people who provide services, those who use them and their families and community supports, to work on how make our mental health services better.