Press Release

Minister McEntee launches annual ‘Technology and Wellbeing’ conference

Helen McEntee TD, Minister of State for Mental Health and Older People, today launched ReachOut’s annual ‘Technology and Wellbeing’ conference in the Marker Hotel, Dublin.

The Minister stated, “We are living in a fast-changing information age where technology plays a significant role in society. Our smart phones and tablets have become part of our everyday lives. In this way, technology can play a positive part and websites such as ReachOut promote a more open and encouraging attitude to dealing with mental health issues. A considerable amount of mental health need is at a relatively low level requiring minimal intervention, often in the form of reassurance through the provision of information and advice, which can easily be obtained by technological means.

“In this way, focus can centre on prevention and early intervention which are key to helping our nation’s mental health. I would encourage young people to use technology for healthy and positive reasons. If they do have any mental health concerns, they should seek help at the earliest opportunity either by contacting an organisation such as ReachOut, or any relevant health professional such as their GP or local HSE Mental Health service.”