Press Release

Minister Martin publishes hospital waiting list figures for June 2001

Figures released today (Friday 28th September, 2001) by the Minister for Health and Children show that hospital waiting list figures have decreased by 16% since June 2000. The number of patients on waiting lists at 30 June 2001, as reported by health agencies, was 26,659 a drop of 5,192 on the comparative figure for 2000. The June 2001 figure shows a small increase of 277 compared to March 2001. The number of adults waiting for more than 12 months for treatment and the number of children waiting more than 6 months for treatment in the target specialties have both fallen by 20% in the same period.

Reductions in waiting lists have been achieved across each of the eight health board regions in the period June 2000 to June 2001:-

Southern Health Board down 36%
North Western Health Board down 35%
Midland Health Board down 28%
Mid-Western Health Board down 17%
Western Health Board down 14%
North Eastern Health Board down 12%
South Eastern Health Board down 11%
Eastern Regional Health Authority down 11%


Target Specialties

Since June 2000 there have been significant reductions in the waiting lists for target specialties:-

  • Cardiac Surgery down by 52%
  • Gynaecology down by 35%
  • ENT down by 30%
  • Ophthalmology down by 23%
  • Orthopaedics down by 14%

“Hospital waiting lists must be viewed against the background of a hospital system which discharged some 870,000 in-patients in 2000. The number of people currently on hospital in-patient waiting lists represents just 3% of all in-patient discharges in 2000. This Government will continue to focus on waiting lists and waiting times in order to ensure that services are available and accessible to those who most need them,” the Minister said.