Press Release

Minister Martin perturbed by recent reports on accommodation for nurses from the Philippines

The Minister for Health and Children, Mr. Micheál Martin, T.D., today (28 March, 2001) said he is perturbed by recent media reports about the unsatisfactory accommodation provided for a group of nurses recruited from the Philippines. He understands that steps have been taken to secure suitable accommodation for the nurses concerned. The Minister said “I sincerely regret that this situation has occurred and I expect all agencies concerned to take appropriate action to ensure that there is no re-occurrence”.

The Minister believes that there is an obligation on health service employers to look after the welfare of nurses recruited from abroad and to ease their integration into our health care system. The Minister reiterated that all health service employers and/or recruitment agencies involved in recruiting nurses from abroad should assist the nurses in finding suitable accommodation and help them to settle in generally. Nurses coming to this country from abroad are proving a very valuable resource and it is vitally important that they are treated properly.

The Minister has asked his Department to write immediately to health service employers reminding them of their responsibilities towards nurses recruited from abroad.