Press Release

Minister Martin highlights success in filling of Non Consultant Hospital Doctors'(NCHD) posts

The Minister for Health & Children , Mr Micheál Martin, T.D., today (22 December 2000), pointed out the improvement in the ongoing recruitment of Non Consultant Hospital Doctors’ (NCHDs). The latest projections for 1 January 2001 are that approx. 3072 of the 3125 NCHD posts throughout the country will be filled. This results in only 53 NCHD posts remaining vacant

“I am very encouraged and pleased to see this vast improvement. We are now speaking in terms of a rate of vacancy amounting to less than 1.7%. The contributing factors to this success no doubt include the benefits of the recently implemented improved package of employment terms and conditions for NCHDs. Also, I understand that the determined efforts by employers to recuit early has yielded results. This is the best position we have been in for some time.” said the Minister

The success again underlines the Government’s unrelenting aim to improve health services. This is being achieved, not just by increasing the funding available but also by ensuring that effective human resources strategies are negotiated, agreed and put in place for the benefit of patients and staff alike

The Health Services Employer’s Agency (HSEA) and employers continue to monitor the situation and are making every effort over the coming week to reduce the projected vacancies further