Press Release

Minister Martin highlights developments in the recruitment of Nurses

Mr. Micheál Martin, TD, Minister for Health and Children has today (23 October, 2001) highlighted the increasing numbers of nurses in the health care system. Speaking in Dáil Éireann, the Minister referred to the survey of nursing vacancies carried out by the Health Service Employers Agency (HSEA) on 31st July, 2001. It contains a summary of the vacancy situation in each health board area.

“The survey found that a total of 4,653 nurses were recruited in the year ending 31st July, 2001 and that a total of 2,951 resigned/retired/moved to another employer in the same period. Accordingly, the number of nurses continues to run strongly ahead of the numbers leaving with a net increase of 1,702 nurses in the system”, the Minister said.

The total number of nursing vacancies reported was 1,251. This is a decrease of 5% when compared with the previous survey. A total of 416.75 agency nurses were employed every day during the month of July 2001. Excluding 3 health boards for which figures were not available, it was reported that, nationally, a total of 2,895.05 hours overtime by nurses was used each day during the month of July 2001. This equates with 520 full-time nurses per week.