Press Release

Minister Máire Hoctor welcomes the HSE’s Public Awareness Campaign on Elder Abuse

The Minister for Older People, Ms Máire Hoctor TD, today (Monday, 10th November) emphasised the importance of protecting our vulnerable older people against all forms of abuse. She said at the start of the HSE’s Public Awareness Campaign that “Elder abuse is a complex issue and difficult to define precisely. It may involve financial abuse, psychological abuse, physical abuse or sexual abuse, or it may arise due to inadequacy of care. Whatever form it may take elder abuse is simply unacceptable”. The Minister urged people to “open their eyes to elder abuse”.

There are a number of ways people can protect themselves from elder abuse. Staying active within the community, maintaining independence, speaking out and conducting your own financial affairs are all excellent measures of minding yourself. However elder abuse can happen to anyone and people who feel they are the subject of abuse, may report their anxieties, to a social worker, a public health nurse, a member of the Garda Síochána, any professional or care worker or their bank or solicitor. The HSE provides an Information Line 1850 24 1850 Monday to Saturday 8am-8pm.

The Minister urged people who are in contact with older people, whether they are at home, or within a residential or hospital setting, to be vigilant and to look out for signs of abuse.”If you suspect abuse, seek advice, don’t rely on someone else to take care of it”.