Press Release

Minister Máire Hoctor launches Cork Seniors Together in the Imperial Hotel Cork

Máire Hoctor, Minister for Older People today, (28 April 2008) launched Cork Seniors Together in The Imperial Hotel, Cork. This group was established to address gaps in supports and services for older people, identified in an audit of older peoples’ needs conducted by Cork City Partnership in 2006.

As many older people as possible were consulted, during the course of this research. The main issues highlighted involved access to the following :

•including information on Social Welfare entitlements

•transport services

•home visiting services

•medical/health services

In addition to this, various support needs were identified, such as:

•Support for the design, development and delivery of community based analysis of the needs of older people.

•Funding and financial support

•Networking and information-sharing

•Organisational development

A working group comprised of both agencies and older peoples’ groups have been meeting since December 2006 to look at how these issues could be tackled. Having given the matter careful consideration, it was proposed that An Older Peoples’ Forum be established on a city-wide basis.

While there are over fifty older peoples’ groups in Cork City, some of these are very isolated. In this context, the proposed Forum would provide a focal point where older peoples’ groups and agencies could meet to discuss and lobby on issues and share information.

A Steering Group has since been established, and it was decided that the Forum would be known as Cork Seniors Together. Details of the aims and activities of this organisation are outlined in a leaflet which may be obtained from Cork City Partnership, Millfield, Old Mallow Road, Cork, Tel: 021 4302310. Both individuals and groups are invited to register and to become involved.

Speaking after the launch, Minister Hoctor said that she was absolutely inspired by the variety of work in which Cork Seniors Together are involved. She added that it was marvellous to see the older people of Cork being supported and she congratulated Cork Seniors Together on their initiative and hard work.