Press Release

Minister Lynch to ask HSE to reissue cards for Women Resident in Certain Institutions

Minister for Primary Care, Social Care and Mental Health Kathleen Lynch TD today, Tuesday 14th July 2015, has asked the HSE to reissue cards to former residents of   Magdalen Laundries and other institutions. Concerns were expressed that the cards in their current format unnecessarily identified these women.

“It was never intended to cause any offence or embarrassment by referring to the Act on the card.  However, I accept that by putting the full title of the Act on the card it identifies the holders in a way that is unnecessary.  I am completely open to changing the title as it appears on the card if this is what the women want.  It requires only a small amount of effort to correct this and I am happy to ensure that this happens. I hope this puts to rest any concerns that have been raised.  These cards were intended to ensure eligible women finally get easy access to much needed services. I will ask the HSE to make the required change and reissue cards in a  more anonymised format” said the Minister.