Press Release

Minister Lenihan welcomes research on adoption

At the opening of the Conference “Best of Both Worlds” today (Tuesday 25th February, 2003) in Jury´s Hotel, Ballsbridge, Minister Lenihan welcomed the launch of the “Adoption Excellence Institute” a transatlantic collaboration between two adoption support organisation, “After Adoption” and the “Centre for Family Connections” (CFFC). The mission of the Adoption Excellence Institute is to help improve adoption practice worldwide by stimulating discussion and collating research and providing a central point of research material.

Minister Lenihan said “the launch of the Adoption Excellence Institute highlights the ever present need for improving adoption practice worldwide. It is an excellent idea to have a central point of access to research material which is badly needed and can benefit everyone”.

The Minister said that the issue of changing circumstances in the twenty first century and their impact on adoption legislation is one which he is currently actively considering. He said he hoped to be in a position to produce a set of proposals in the near future and to consult widely on these. He referred to a number of developments in relation to adoption in Ireland, including proposed legislation to ratify the Hague Convention on the Protection of Children and Co-operation in Respect of Intercountry Adoption. These legislative proposals also provide for the developing role of the Adoption Board to become a centre of excellence leading on research and best practice in the field of adoption. In that context the Minister took the opportunity to welcome the appointment of the New Chief Executive Officer to the Adoption Board, Mr John Collins and to also welcome the newly appointed Adoption Board.