Press Release

Minister Lenihan launches the ´Civic Participation – Young Dubliners Speak Out´ educational resource pack on behalf of Dublin City Development Board

The Minister of State with responsibility for Children, Mr. Brian Lenihan T.D., today (22 November 2002) launched the educational resource pack ´Civic Participation – Young Dubliners Speak Out´ which has been designed and issued by Dublin City Development Board. The pack will be of particular value for encouraging civic and political awareness among young people.

The first goal of the National Children´s Strategy is that children will have a voice in matters which affect them in accordance with their age and maturity. Actions identified to progress this goal include the holding of Dáil na nÓg at national level and Comhairle na nÓg at local level.

The Minister encourages the use of this resource pack in fostering civic and political participation of children and young people. The Minister would like to take this opportunity to encourage all organisations both statutory and non-statutory, who work with children, to advance the work being done across the country to consult with children on issues of relevance to the children and to take their views into account when making decisions that affect them.

Minister of State Lenihan welcomed the new resource pack saying, “Young persons are the lifeblood of tomorrow. This government is committed to supporting young persons by tackling drug and alcohol abuse. Real alternative outlets must be provided for youth. It is my priority, and our duty as political leaders, to give our youth a sense of value, purpose and civic responsibility. This begins in the home and is fostered in the school and in the community. This is an invaluable resource to supporting youth participation”.